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Microdosing Weed with a Medical Marijuana Card

Microdosing weed

Medical marijuana can have a wide variety of benefits. Not only is it relaxing. But it has also been shown to reduce anxiety and pain and help those dealing with insomnia. However, even if you already have a medical marijuana card, jumping into the wide world of weed can be intimidating for new users. Additionally, even experienced users may sometimes prefer to experience all the benefits that marijuana has to offer without the psychoactive effects of THC. That's where microdosing comes in.

An appealing option for newbies and experts alike. Microdosing simply refers to consuming very small amounts of weed over a prolonged amount of time. It's a great way to get all the benefits of weed without experiencing a high, losing your ability to focus on your work, or getting stuck feeling unpleasantly stoned. But how exactly does one microdose, and what are its benefits? Read on to learn all about microdosing and why it might be the right fit for you.

What is Microdosing?

As stated above, microdosing is simply the consumption of the smallest amount of a drug to feel its desired effect without experiencing its whole-body effects. For marijuana users, this might mean smoking enough weed or ingesting enough of an edible for you to feel relaxed, sleepy, or pain-free without feeling noticeably high or stoned.

The method by which a person might microdose varies based on their preferences. Some users prefer to ingest low-dose edibles, while others enjoy tinctures or calibrated vape pens. Figuring out what method of weed ingestion and what dosage works best for you can take a little time and energy. But it's worth it to see the positive effects of microdosing weed.

Why Should I Microdose?

Senior man in his kitchen preparing his medical marijuana.

Microdosing is great for a variety of reasons. For medical marijuana patients who want to relieve their physical symptoms — such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, or stress — microdosing can make it possible for them to get through a busy workday without feeling stoned. Because microdosing requires taking just a little bit of weed at a time, whether spaced out during the day or at regular intervals, users can regulate how they feel and stop whenever they want.

Additionally, microdosing is a great way for new marijuana users to determine how they react to certain strains of weed and what doses work best for them. In this scenario, microdosing involves consuming a predetermined amount of weed, waiting for an hour or two to observe its effects, and then consuming more (if desired). Not only is this type of microdosing a good way to learn your limits if you've never smoked or ingested marijuana before, but it's an excellent method for determining the precise level at which you start to feel its psychoactive effects.

Whether you want to enjoy the positive effects of marijuana without feeling stoned or you want to gently ease into consuming weed for the first time, microdosing is a great tool for new and experienced users alike. An important factor to keep in mind is that as you consume more weed, your tolerance may increase and you may need to adjust your dosage. However, as long as you're thoughtful and conscientious about how much and how often you're microdosing, making this adjustment should be a breeze.

How Does Microdosing Work?

Woman researching about microdosing medical marijuana using a laptop.

Marijuana users can microdose using just about any type of weed they prefer. As long as you can accurately tell or estimate how much THC you're consuming at once, the only limit is your imagination and maybe the shelves of your local dispensary.

Edibles are a popular choice for microdosing. Both because it's easy to tell how much THC they contain and also because they're available in a wide variety of foods and candies. Although some experienced users may be comfortable ingesting a gummy with 10 mg THC (a common dosage), new users or those looking to microdose may be better off starting with doses as low as 1 to 2.5 mg THC. Don't worry — finding low-dose edibles is becoming increasingly common. So you don't need to try carving up gummies and chocolates into smaller and smaller pieces. From mints to honey and more, there's a low-dose edible out there for everyone.

Tinctures are another good choice for those looking to start microdosing. They can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly because they're ingested under the tongue making them ideal for microdosers who don't want to wait over an hour to see if their first dose has had any effect. They're also easy to measure out and apply so you can control exactly how much THC you're ingesting at a given time. And it's easy to find low-THC, high-CBD tinctures on the market as well.

Finally, vaping is also an option. While it's often difficult to tell how much THC you've actually ingested from a vape cartridge, new calibrated vape pens are becoming increasingly common. These pens vibrate after you've inhaled a single dose's worth of weed making them a helpful option for anyone who likes to ingest marijuana by smoking but wants to control how much they're actually taking in.

Regardless of the method you choose, it's possible to ingest small quantities of marijuana over a given time period to fully realize the benefits of microdosing.


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