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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in 2021

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in 2021

The popularity of medical marijuana has been growing quite steadily throughout the United States, as more and more states legalize it for either medical purposes, recreational purposes, or both. If considering getting a medical marijuana card to treat an ailment or preexisting condition, you must know you can do the entire process online thanks to recent advancements in telemedicine. 

For the first time, patients can connect with doctors online to receive free medical marijuana evaluations. If you would like to learn more, in this article, we discuss the medical marijuana process and how you can get a med card online in California:

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Online

The reason why medical marijuana is legal in California is thanks to the Prop 215 Bill signed into law in 1996. Also known as the Compassionate Law Act, the law allowed doctors to recommend medical marijuana. However, they could not legally prescribe it to patients due to regulations by the FDA, which is why they can only recommend it. In 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California for those over 21. However, individuals under 21 could still receive a medical marijuana recommendation. What is nice about the law is most dispensaries in California accept a doctor's recommendations. 

Since the enactment of the bill in 1996, getting a med card has become sustainably easier and much more common. Today, California, Nevada, New York, and Oklahoma are the few states that allow patients to receive marijuana recommendations online. So now, many physicians and doctors can utilize telehealth methods to do the entire process remotely. No longer do you have wait days for an appointment when you can get your med card online in just a couple of hours and receive it in the mail a few days later. 

The online process is relatively straightforward. A clinic needs all of your basic medical information, a copy of your ID, and proof of residency in CA. It is important to note that patients cannot receive a CA medical marijuana recommendation if they reside in another state. Once all documentation is in order, your physician will begin an online evaluation, which should take anywhere from 3–8 minutes. Essentially, the evaluation process entails the doctor asking you a set of questions regarding your health, medical condition(s), and why you think a medical marijuana card could benefit you. After the evaluation is complete, the physician will review the answers and determine whether you qualify for a med card. If approved, they will do a thorough rundown of all the legal requirements for the card.

Following your evaluation, your physician will send you a card through the mail. However, you can purchase medical marijuana immediately after approval if your physician sends you an email with their electronic recommendation. It is important to note that even though you have a medical marijuana card, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug federally. So, you must ensure you follow all the legal requirements for the card to prevent having it revoked or facing criminal prosecution. 

The thumbs up I give you when you receive your medical marijuana card

The Difference Between Online and In-Person Evaluations

Although the advent of telemedicine has made health evaluations more convenient for patients and doctors alike, there is still a distinct difference between the two. Through online evaluations, doctors cannot examine a patient as thoroughly through a video call than with an in-person visit. Instead, the doctor relies more on a patient's testimony, which is why you must be upfront and honest with your testimonials. 

In some instances, doctors receive enough information to make an educated decision on whether medical marijuana would benefit the patient. However, in other scenarios, the doctor may not have enough clear information to provide that recommendation. If a physician denies you a medical marijuana card online, it does not necessarily mean you cannot get one. It could simply mean that they did not have enough details to make an informed decision, which could indicate you need a more thorough evaluation. 

Although there are slight limitations to online evaluations, that does not mean telehealth is not an effective form of medicine. On the contrary, telehealth procedures have only become more robust during the COVID-19 pandemic and have grown in popularity. There is no doubt telemedicine will remain a staple in the healthcare industry for treating and evaluating all sorts of conditions. So, do not be concerned. You never have to worry about the efficacy of telemedicine when receiving a medical marijuana evaluation. 

Unlike other controlled substances by the FDA, marijuana does not have any potentially deadly or life-altering effects. It is an incredibly safe drug, and millions of people already have a medical marijuana card across the country. You know you can trust a doctor's medical judgment through an online evaluation. If you are completely honest during the process and provide thorough information, you can be confident that a physician will give you a recommendation that is best for you and your overall health. Telemedicine is an incredibly convenient and effective form of medical consultation. And thanks to recent advancements in virtual technology, now is the time to try it. 


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